Noah accused of homophobia

October 6, 2006

More councillors in hot water, this time one David Clutterbuck for a supposedly homophobic joke. Mr Clutterbuck was replying to an email from a Bournemouth Borough Council member which “stated that before he set sail Noah would have to obtain planning permission, abide by building regulations, commission an environmental impact study, install a fire sprinkler system and seek guidance from the RSPCA.” In reply , Mr Clutterbuck joked: “I imagine now it would be illegal to only have animals of the opposite sex!”

So far so good (except that he was roundly condemned by some of his colleagues for bigoted childish jokes and misusing council emails) but the imprudent Clutterbuck proceeded to dig himself  deeper into his hole by describing homosexuality as ” an abomination” and gay people as “flighty”. “The laws of Moses are more important than the laws of David Cameron but those are my own personal feelings – as long as they don’t ask me to join in and it’s not compulsory…  As long as they [homosexuals] do it behind closed doors, I don’t mind, but now they control the media, the television…. They have much stronger control over this country than they should have.”, he went on to say. I expect riots in major cities with gays waving banners proclaiming “Death to Straights”.
Several people have pointed out that homosexuality is not unknown in the animal kingdom (though whether they would have been the best choice for Noah is open to question- a few more gay mosquitoes, maybe.)  Male cicadas, for example, will attempt to mate with another male given the opportunity. They will also try and copulate with a dead cicada and probably a toothbrush as well so that might not be the best example for our gay brothers and sisters to follow. Many male penguins that apparently mate for life have been observed in homosexual pairs but do pair with female couples when given the chance. Approximately eight percent of rams exhibit sexual preferences for male partners. According to the American Humanist Association “Biologists have observed numerous examples of homosexual animals among a variety of species—bonobos, chimpanzees, swans, deer, hyena, and many more”. Little researchm, however, has been done into their life-styles. There have been no records as far as I know of gay penguin parades and transvestism seems not yet to have made much headway among animals.


2 Responses to “Noah accused of homophobia”

  1. Keith Bishop Says:

    Anothe example of the tail wagging the dog

  2. We don’r really need scientific investigations to tell us that animals can at least attempt to have sexual relations with members of their own sex. Anyone who owns a male dog that plays with other male dogs can see it “in action,” at least in its initial stages! But Moses, when he told us that God calls homosexual acts an “abomination,” also told us that we are to “image God” in our behavior–not animals or insects! Although homosexuality is common among “dumb animals,” that has nothing to do with what is proper for humans. But if someone thinks he is nothing more than another breed of animal. I can only hope that he/she will someday find reasons to improve his self-worth!

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