North Korea: you can make a difference

October 10, 2006

North Korea has exploded a pretty risibly nuclear device. But YOU can help them see sense. Don’t buy any more North Korean products. Cancel that summer holiday you booked in Pyongyang. Don’t buy any more copies of ‘Selected writing of Kim Jong Il’ or ‘The biography of the Eternal President, the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung’. Burn your copies of ‘THE U.S. IMPERIALISTS STARTED THE KOREAN WAR’ and ‘THE VICTORIOUS FATHERLAND LIBERATION WAR MUSEUM’. Don’t listen to Voice of Pyongyang’s IN THE EMBRACE OF MY MOTHERLAND weekly roundup of news. Tell your friends to ignore any pictures like this they see on sale in the local supermarket.


Make sure your kinchi comes from south of the border.

You can help bring the axis of evil to their knees.


One Response to “North Korea: you can make a difference”

  1. crazymac Says:

    Thanks for the early morning chuckle

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