“the coward does it with a kiss”

October 15, 2006

“Thai snake charmer kisses cobras for world record attempt”
This for all those who have arrived at this blog after a search for ‘sex with animals’. “A Thai snake charmer kissed 19 highly poisonous king cobras in an attempt to set a world record last Saturday. Each ‘kiss’ involved placing the lips on the snake’s head in the event which was billed as the “Dangerous Kiss”. So clearly not a particularly torrid encounter, it seems, but then kissing is something that is really not part of Thais’ sexual armoury. A lip-to-lip kiss is rare even in the most intimate situations, the most amorous being the occasional lip to cheek peck. The normal Thai kiss is a sign of affection rather than sexual arousal and involves a cheek to cheek contact with a certain amount of audible sniffing and again only between close relatives or with children.  The sort of social kissing between members of the opposite sex, which as a middle class phenomenon seems to have invaded Britain in the 1970’s is regarded with distaste. The intense mouth to mouth kissing seen in most films from the West is seen as disgusting. Many Thais I know shrink from meeting a Westerner in the fear that they will be seized and subjected to an unwelcome embrace. Kissing is one of the few things on which I have unshakable convictions, born no doubt of unfortunate childhood experiences, and I would rather brush lips with a cobra than be forced to participate in the sort of  promiscuous osculation indulged in in certain countries.


3 Responses to ““the coward does it with a kiss””

  1. crazymac Says:

    Agree, up to a point! I have suffered quite a few facial collisions on the continent when you don’t know which cheek to start with or how many times to continue. Driving there is so much easier.

  2. SilverTiger Says:

    Family occasions in France are tiresome for this very reason. I tried various avoidance tactics but none ever worked. On occasions such as weddings and funerals I found myself constrained to kiss large numbers of people, male and female, whom I didn’t know but who were legally “family”.

    The basic action is a two-cheek kiss, when the participants in concert place lips in proximity to cheek and make kissing sounds then change sides.

    I always felt foreboding in advance of the event and relief afterwards, as of a duty performed and done with. Unfortunately, chance meetings and family visits could always signal new rounds of kissing.

    When meeting family in England I often smile to myself thinking how taken aback they would be if I engaged in a round of French-style kissing. Not that there is any danger of that…

  3. crazymac Says:

    Those family occasions- I shudder to think of them. After one I caught my young son (@4) making those kissing sounds. He was standing where he thought he was unnoticed going “kiss,kiss,yuck;kiss,kiss,yuck;kiss,kiss,yuck etc.”
    I didn’t have the heart to tell him off.

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