prayers for today’s youth

October 19, 2006

A new Catholic prayer book aimed at teenagers includes a prayer for God’s help to avoid talking rubbish when drunk.
“Lord, if in an unsober state, and under the influence of those around me, I say something stupid, please give me strength to retract my words. Protect me against senseless bravado and pride,” reads the prayer. The book, released in Poland by Dominican monk Wojciech Jedrzejewski, has angered the Polish Catholic community as well as national media. But Father Jedrzejewski stands by his work. He said: “This book will make it easier for young people to meet with God.”
Other prayers in the book include one asking God if boys really have to be rude to girls and teachers in order to get peer respect.

I offer one more little prayer which the ingenious brother is welcome to use if he so desires.

O God, the creator of all things, you framed the laws concerning theft and robbery and mugging for the good of the human race. Graciously grant, by the example and patronage of St. Joseph, that we may do the jobs you provide us with and earn the reward you promise and, above all things, not get busted.
Dear Lord, protect me against jealousy of other kids’ mobiles and let me not fall into the temptation of nicking them. And if I do, oh Lord, protect me from the temptation of using excessive violence. But if the bastards resist, give me oh Lord the strength to stick one on them. And, oh, by the way, Dear Lord, if you happen to witness said nicking, just don’t tell the bacon that it was me what done it, right? Amen


One Response to “prayers for today’s youth”

  1. SilverTiger Says:

    We must assume this is Father Jedrzejewski’s first attempt at writing prayers for youth and therefore understandably still a little unfinished round the edges.

    For example, what makes the venerable monk suppose that young people are able to perceive that any of their sayings and doings are stupid? To judge from the unmitigated rubbish I hear daily emitted from juvenile mouths as though the speaker were uttering sublime wisdom, this is really asking far too much. They are more likely to praise God for making them so clever.

    Youth is surely a time for talking rubbish and for establishing one’s position in the pecking order, something that requires a good measure of bravado and pride and the occasional bout of fisticuffs to boot. Any modern “yoof” who goes around retracting and apologising is going to receive pretty short shrift from the others and become an outcast, not a shining beacon.

    In any case, yoof needs a model: simply saying “don’t” leaves them puzzled and rudderless in a stormy sea. But what models can the good monk offer? Public figures such as churchmen and politicians seem to do little else than say stupid things to the accompaniment of senseless bravado and pride.

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