apologies to Nye Bevan and William Beveridge

October 31, 2006

I see Ipswich Hospital has stirred up a mini hornets’ nest by announcing that it will be:   “…using equipment unused at weekends to treat pets with cancer in Saturday clinics.” I am shocked by this news. I would never allow any of my pets to fall into the clutches of the NHS, where they will be attacked by superbugs, bundled around by humourless nurses and prodded by upstart doctors just out of medical school. (The news that under regulations recently introduced I, as an expatriate, would be refused NHS treatment even though I contributed for 30 years and used their service twice in that time, left me totally indifferent.) Having seen the quality of veterinary care here I would be much more interested in the opposite alternative and, as Tony Hancock famously suggested, would not be averse to getting down on all fours for the treatment. When I had to rush one of our cats to the vets late one Sunday evening I was amazed at the quality of service in one of our local animal hospitals. Before we even got inside he was seized by a team comprising two senior doctors, three juniors and four helpers, sedated, diagnosed and treated with a waiting time of less than 15 seconds. I vowed that if ever I need medical attention here I will demand to be taken straight there.


One Response to “apologies to Nye Bevan and William Beveridge”

  1. SilverTiger Says:

    Not to mention the added bonus that if your illness were grave enough to make euthanasia a desirable option, a veterinary hospital would be set up to provide this service whereas a hospital for humans would either do it in a very sneaky and complicated way or not at all.

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