God kicked the door in

October 31, 2006

General Sir Richard ‘We kicked the door in’ Dannatt has an interesting article in which he says God saved his life three times, prompting him to become a Christian. ‘He said that it was his belief that God first intervened to spare his life in 1973, amid rioting in Belfast, when he found himself stranded with two of his men in a Loyalist paramilitary area. A hail of gunfire cut down the other soldiers, fatally injuring one, while Sir Richard emerged unscathed.’ A similar thing happened two years later when the officer he had been walking alongside was killed by an explosion. Now why would God decide to spare Sir Richard and none of the other unfortunates? Was it rank? Were they incorrigible sinners? Or were they already Christians and so if fatally wounded would go straight to heaven? If we knew what saved the General it could save us taxpayers a few bob on protection equipment for the troops. Another strange statement from the General: “God had no choice but to take a stick and beat me over the head.” It does seem as if God really went out of His way to save Sir Richard but I’m not sure how theologically correct that business about God having no choice is. Better stick to kicking doors in, Sir.


One Response to “God kicked the door in”

  1. SilverTiger Says:

    It is of course overweening arrogance to assume that the Almighty was so interested in him as to afford him rare and unusual protection. This is only one step short of claiming that one has been put on earth to fulfill some special divine purpose.

    Sir Richard, if less imbued with his own self-importance, might instead care to ask what purpose God had in mind in killing the others because, after all, it could be that simple: God was calling them home but had no use for Sir Richard. Maybe he has to learn a lesson of humility before being summoned to the Divine Presence.

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