Portrait of a cat 2

October 31, 2006

saddam1.jpg Saddam taking it easy in my computer chair
A second attempt at an athropomorphically free felinality portrait. Saddam was the second cat to join us. We found him as a stinking dirty black mess lying in the road, yelpng with pain whenever he was touched. We took him off to the vet who managed to cure the liver infection but said he had feline HIV and might not last longer than 6 months. The vet suggested we had him put down. That was three years ago. Saddam has thrived and grown fatter, recently reaching 6kg, four times the inital weight of my first grandchild. A word about the name. When the vet first asked us the name we said we didn’t know so he got christened ‘black’. That translates into Thai as dam, which is how he was called subsequently. My partner’s sister-in-law, who has cats called CD,VCD,DVD,VDO and Remote, decided he should be called Saddam and that stuck. Saddam spends a lot of time with Miou, they lick each other and play together, though Saddam tends to get a bit rough, at which point Miou hisses at him. Saddam doesn’t miao, he croaks; when he’s calling Miou to play the croak is mixed with a gargle. When he’s outside at night and wants to attract our attention, he quacks. The other two females take it in turns to biff him whenever he is near but although he is twice their size, he never retaliates. He will always play with any of the other cats that are willing but has never shown any signs of aggression.Normally if another male comes near the house he’ll defend his territory tooth and nail (literally), his already impressive bulk being enhanced by his hairs puffed up to make him look like a large fluffy cushion. He will also attack any male that shows an interest in one of our females. I was a little curious about his sexuality a while ago when another big tomcat arrived and indulged in some heavy mutual licking with Saddam but that phase seems to have passed. Like Miou, Saddam never used to move out of the way when approached by my car and that cost him dear a few months ago. I failed to spot him under the car and ran over the poor fellow, breaking a leg and causing a hernia. The leg now has a metal pin inserted but the hernia was badly treated so he is not the most handsome cat on the block. He can still run around and jump on to furniture though sometimes his leap doesn’t carry him to his target and he falls flat on his considerable bulk. You can normally find him taking things easy on the most comfortable place available, my computer chair if he gets the opportunity and the bed until he is spotted. When he is allowed to sleep with me he wakes me up at about 4am with some gentle head butting. I usually stroke him for a while before getting up and he purrs like a well-tuned Harley Davidson. Sometimes he wants to be let out, sometimes he will not go and have his food unless I accompany him. Saddam never resists when I stroke him and he often gives me a good licking in return, something akin to being scraped by one of those coarse files we were given in metal work. He is always the first to play with a new toy, particularly any cardboard boxes which he somehow manages to squeeze into. When I am at the computer he will often come and sit or lie at my feet and for ages, fixing me with his stare and occasionally giving one of his trademark croaks. The dog we had just before Saddam arrived used to sit in exactly the same way and Thais are convinced Saddam is his reincarnation. Complete mumbo-jumbo of course. Nevertheless, If I had to choose just one of the cats I would probably choose Saddam.

saddam2.jpg A cat in a box in a box


2 Responses to “Portrait of a cat 2”

  1. SilverTiger Says:

    Nice cat. Nice description. When I gave Tigger a verbatim account of Miou she asked if I were jealous of you having so many cats. Naturally, I replied “No, not at all.”

    She doesn’t believe me.

    She’s right.


  2. Beautiful photo in the box(es), with the shining eyes. Your cat-alogues of their traits are wonderful!

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